Change Skill Building


  • Amidst a significant multimillion-dollar acquisition, Curve Group provided valuable support and guidance in upskilling leaders to effectively navigate the change process for themselves and their teams.

What We Did:

  • Taking a human-centered approach and leveraging psychological theories, we conducted two tailored sessions for the organisation. The first session was an inclusive online session open to all employees, aimed at educating them on managing the transition. It provided valuable insights into typical reactions to change and fostered a sense of camaraderie among the organization.
  • The second session was designed specifically for leaders who not only needed to navigate their own emotions and circumstances but also act as a support system for their teams.


  • Despite initial anxieties and uncertainties leading up to the transition, our client reported that employees and leaders felt more at ease and equipped after attending these sessions. They expressed a heightened understanding of their current experiences and a better grasp of what lay ahead in their journey.