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Curve Group is a business improvement and advisory consultancy with expertise in people, culture and change. Based in Melbourne, Australia we combine organisational psychology principles with pragmatic commercial acumen to create people orientated solutions that break the mould.



Curve Group was founded in 2008. Today, we are a group of organisational development associates with capabilities and experience drawn from business, human resources, industry and big firm consulting. The result is a rare combination of subject matter expertise and savvy project execution skills which have enabled Curve Group to successfully partner with a substantive portfolio of client organisations.



Compared to the stock standard consulting experience, our clients often describe Curve Group as a ‘breath of fresh air’ given our grounded, humble, outcome driven and relationship-based approach. It is for this reason that clients value how we work with them as much as the advice we ultimately provide. Our focus on both the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ means that we measure success not only in terms of project outcomes and deliverables but our ability to strategise, innovate and build sustainable partnerships with our clients.

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