Finance Competency Framework Development

In response to an ambitious strategy for business development and growth, the Finance & Assurance function of this iconic Australian organisation identified the need for a Finance Competency Framework to serve as a foundational input to the development of a highly adaptable, cross- skilled finance team.


With an ambitious strategy for business development and growth, significant demands have been placed on functional units such as Finance to respond by adapting their operating models and ways of working to better support the business. To continue to be seen as a trusted business partner delivering high quality financial and commercial services, the Finance & Assurance function set out to establish and embed a Finance Competency Framework.


Curve Group were engaged to develop the capability of Finance professionals for the future. We partnered with this 200 year old organisation to build the foundations for more effective and accessible career and skills development, through the creation of a leading-edge finance competency framework, to be integrated into all relevant people management processes. This framework is intended  to develop a highly adaptable, cross-skilled team, provide broad career opportunities, and ensure that single point skill dependencies are minimised.

Through extensive stakeholder engagement and data gathering via interviews and focus groups, Curve Group led the design and finalisation of an agreed job architecture for finance roles as well as refined and packaged a finance competency model. Curve Group further developed core assessment tools to enable assessment against the competency framework to inform selection decisions and career development planning.


Close consultation with the Finance leadership team throughout this engagement enabled the simplification of  finance job architecture, in turn providing a clearer, more consistent picture of role requirements across the function.

Alignment  with key people processes including recruitment, performance management, succession planning, career development  and individual development planning has also been achieved by understanding, mapping and connecting integration points.

Further, the development of competency based job families has allowed  broad career opportunities to be defined, providing greater clarity regarding career development options for employees.

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