Organisational Learning Needs Analysis

Case Study

Leadership circle
A statewide, government- funded insurance and rehabilitation body undergoing business transformation identified the need to re-assess the capabilities critical to its success through a comprehensive learning needs analysis.


Following an organisational redesign, a renewed business strategy focused on client outcomes and a strong agenda for change, the organisation was seeking support to conduct a comprehensive learning needs analysis. The challenge was to identify the critical capability requirements that would enable improved performance and success in achieving the business strategy. Scope of the analysis included assessment of the ‘core’ capabilities relevant to all employees, as well as ‘functional’ capabilities specific to a particular department, to inform the design and development of future learning initiatives.

Our Approach

Curve Group partnered with the People & Leadership team to conduct a learning needs analysis to address the two areas of capability scope. A tailored evaluation framework was applied to ensure data capture informed strategic needs and engaged business stakeholders appropriately.

Several touch points were used for employee consultation and to gather both qualitative and quantitative data. These included structured interviews with key stakeholders, online surveys for all employees and a series of consultative workshops with a cross section of employees.


A short-list of core and functional capabilities was identified through the analysis as being critical to organisational success, given the future strategy and business plan. These capabilities, together with key insights captured through the consultation process and a review of existing training programs were used to develop a set of recommendations and implementation advice for the client to inform their learning strategy and training curriculum.

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