New Operating Model – Transition Support

Case Study

Change circle
A large division of a Victorian Government Department experienced a significant restructure, which involved a complete redesign of their operating model. The division sought support with managing the transition as they implemented new structures and processes to deliver strategic objectives.


The key challenge of the division was to transition to the new operating model whilst managing risk and stakeholder relationships, and maintaining ongoing productivity and effectiveness. The move to the new ways of working required a new and different focus and skill set from both leaders and team members.

Our Approach

Curve Group provided a holistic approach to transition support, which comprised four key enablement streams to ensure a successful transition:

  • Transition planning and governance
  • Process and program alignment
  • Leadership readiness
  • Team engagement and capability

This involved us partnering with the division to design and manage a structured approach to the transition, including 1:1 executive coaching with leaders, development of service statements to articulate the new purpose and focus of each team within the division, and a number of team effectiveness workshops to engage and on-board the broader team to the new operating model.


The division has now substantially embedded its new operating model, and have continued to deliver high-quality projects and insights to key stakeholders throughout the transition. Core projects and processes have been documented to ensure role and team clarity, and leaders have developed a range of new skills and strengths to both work more effectively as a leadership team, as well as leading their teams through change.

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