Leading & Navigating Through Complex Change

Case Study

Change circle
Facing the significant change of merging with another tertiary institution, this regional university recognised the need to ensure staff were provided with the space, strategies, tools and skills to lead and navigate through ongoing uncertainty.


With the initial consultation phase between two University councils completed successfully, but the release of information around the merger still minimal due to the nature of the legal process, there was a growing anxiety evident on Campus. There was evident feelings of concern and confusion about what the change would mean on a personal and professional level, as well as what the changes would mean to their working environment.

Our Approach

Curve Group were identified to design and facilitate a program of ‘Leading Self’ and ‘Leading Others Through Change’ workshops for the Senior Leadership team, Operational Leaders, Academic and Professional staff.
The key learning outcomes of the overall program were to ensure a clear understanding of how change is typically experienced through the use of tools such as The Change Curve, and The Bridges Transition Model. As well as to support in equipping staff with coping and management strategies that can be helpful for both self and leaders. These included the Resistance Pyramid, The Circle of Concern Circle of Influence; Personal Action Planning and the PIER model for leaders communicating at times when there are no concrete answers.

The program was designed to ensure a mix of self-reflection, partnered coaching, content, group sharing and discussion, as well as skills practice scenarios focusing on building resilience and maintaining productivity during times of complex change.


Employees were grateful for the opportunity and safe environment to reflect, acknowledge and share their own personal challenges, and learn from each other.
Participation and engagement levels of staff were strong, with all Senior Leadership, and professional staff attending a session. And 70% of the Academic population.

The greatest outcome was the reflection in staff feedback on their readiness to shift into a mindset of focusing on ‘concerns surrounding the change’, to ‘how they can influence the change’.

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