HR Development Centre

Case Study

Leadership circle
As Australia Post accelerates its transformation to succeed in a digital age, there is a need to accelerate the capability of HR Community to support the organisation’s evolving people requirements.


As Australia Post is evolving to meet market place challenges, the HR community plays a pivotal role continuing to evolve the people processes, practices and capabilities to support organisational transformation. The HR leadership team realised the need to identify and articulate the hallmarks for current and future success, and provided targeted development to enable the ongoing success of for the HR community in supporting the business.

Curve Group were engaged to design and deliver a bespoke HRDevelopment Centre that provided objective insight and action.

Our Approach

In the first phase of the HR Development Centre, we engagedthe HR leadership team to identify the behavioural competencies critical for success, aligned to the new generic role profile.

We worked closely with the HR leadership team to design a development centre activities that reflected the unique business context of the organisation, while drawing on technical contentrelevant to the HR profession. An important principle underpinning our design was the education and engagement ofthe HR community through their participation and ensuring a strong developmental focus.

Three HR Development Centres were delivered to over 60 participants and were followed by the creation of detailed individual reports and one-on-one debriefs with Curve Group.

In the final stage, we shared with key stakeholders the themes from HR Development Centre along with suggested next steps and development options.


The Development Centre has strengthened, aligned and reenergised the HR Community. Participants overwhelmingly valued the sense of community generated by the experience and the ability to benchmark and learn from their peers. Participants valued the opportunity to reflect, and receive objective insights and feedback to help drive their development and impact. The Centre also provided rich insights into the bench strengths and talent within the community, and generated a strong development momentum within the organisation.

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