Frontline Capability & Career Transition Program

Case Study

Leadership circle
One of Australia’s largest diversified mail, parcels and retail organisations undergoing significant change needed to plan and execute a strategic project to enable over 16,000 frontline staff to develop skills for the future changes in the organisation and be ready to transition if needed.


With a need to transform and adopt sometimes radically different business models, a public commitment was made to spend substantive funds focussed on developing the future skills and readiness of frontline staff in this organisation. What was unclear included what the business strategies meant to key roles, impact to skills and capability requirements and how these transition and development needs would be met. Curve Group were engaged to setup the program for the initiative and to engage the business to develop the priorities and approach for the program.

Our Approach

Establishing a mixed project team of internal and Curve Group members and creating a project structure and plan were the first steps for this highly pragmatic and energetic project. Identifying what the business strategy meant to skills and capabilities for 16 key frontline roles meant that Curve Group facilitated a workforce planning analysis through interviews and documentation with key business stakeholders. The outcomes of this analysis were then used to run internal workshops designed to develop and design a multi-focussed program of work that would honour the commitment to building skills and readiness of frontline staff.


A program of work was established within 3 months that was resourced with an internal program manager and project team members that Curve Group helped assess and onboard. The program manager had the information, reflective of business needs through the workforce planning, to prioritise and execute skill development and transition management activities ongoing. The multi-focussed program included skill development initiatives and career/transition management activities.

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