Talent Management Research 'Best Practice In Practice'

To keep ourselves ahead of the curve, our latest research initiative was focussed on exploring Talent Management; but with a twist. Titled ‘Best Practice In Practice’, the focus of this research was to explore the talent management practices that have made it out of the text books and into everyday practice with leading global organisations. We partnered with Psylutions and 29 organisations across the Asia Pacific region in a range of industries including banking and finance, retail, government, FMCG, mining and construction, education, professional services and gaming. We presented our findings in an online webinar, attended by 65 HR professionals from across the Asia Pacific region. Our research findings are summarised in a white paper “Talent Management: Best Practice In Practice”. A standout insight includes the identification of consistent factors that are preventing talent management from maturing as a discipline, despite generally strong senior executive support. For a copy of the whitepaper please contact us.