Social Traders: Enabling leaders to make an impact

Invited to play the role of ‘Industry Professional’ last week with Social Traders; an organisation designed to support young Social Entrepreneurs in developing and fine tuning their Social Enterprises to be market ready. For those who don’t know, Social Enterprises use the power of the market place to solve the most pressing societal problems. Social enterprises are commercially viable businesses but with a purpose of generating social impact, not shareholder returns. As such they are unique and complex business to set up and run. Social Traders play a key role in preparing these brilliant and generous young leaders – and their business models – to have impact and sustainability through great programs like ‘The Crunch.’


Very easy to sit and ‘review’ the business ideas of others I reflected (that was my role for the day!); much harder to have the courage to develop ideas for the benefit of others and share them with the world for critique. Terrific day.

Dylan Flavell, Managing Director Curve Group Australia