Performance and Culture

Forming a systemic and holistic understanding of business goals & issues facilitates long-lasting, high-performance organisational outcomes and provides a competitive advantage. Curve Group supports organisations that have identified that they need a strategic shift or business change requiring new or different ways of working, performance issues or incidents prompting a critical review of the business or new functions, teams or leaders requiring a clear plan to build the foundations for success.

Culture Definition, Assessment & Development is underpinned by:
  • Organisational Effectiveness
  • Functional Effectiveness
  • Team Effectiveness

Service Overview

Through deep, strategic thinking, our consultants apply their skills and experience in business, commercial acumen, thematic analysis and process facilitation to help organisations:

  • Identify the real issues, not just the symptoms
  • Diagnose issues at three levels of analysis (team, function, organisation)
  • Inform decision-making
  • Prioritise work to close identified gaps
  • Commit to action through engaging key stakeholders through the process
  • Be confident to execute, based on an independent perspective

Established Performance Alignment Evaluative Frameworks


Organisational Effectiveness

We are the Australian partners to Denison, the most reputable performance culture tool globally. This forms a core part of our method.

Informed by our business psychology and organisational effectiveness capabilities, we review the culture of a business with respect to its alignment with business strategy.

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Functional Effectiveness

An established functional effectiveness framework, ensuring evaluation focuses on relevant performance drivers.

We support businesses to review the effectiveness of their function to deliver the strategic outcomes intended. And we don’t just tell you what’s wrong, we spend the majority of our time working with you to plan and implement your success story.

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Team Effectiveness

A proven high performance team framework that ensures a holistic view of performance.

A champion team will always beat a team of champions. We design sustainable team effectiveness interventions that get the right balance between ‘hard’ (process, structure, roles, capability) and ‘soft’ (values, norms, behaviours) performance drivers.

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More info

We will complete a thorough systemic review of your team, function or organisation using our 6 step meta-methodology. We understand that the key to long-term commitment and embedding of changes is the engagement and involvement of stakeholders throughout, so your people will form an important part of the process. We look internally as well as externally to advise solutions that fit the unique needs of your organisation.

Whilst a proven methodology guides our work, our solutions are bespoke and tailored, comprehensive and grounded in data and research but pragmatic and practical with implementation support.  

Whether you’re looking to reduce costs, increase efficiency, transform your organisation or implement your strategy, we know that the needs of our clients spring from real business outcomes they’re seeking to achieve. Understanding your unique business context is really important in shaping the way we tackle problems.

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