Change and Transformation

Our highly collaborative approach ensures that changes stick. Organisations with a transformation agenda or an important project that requires behavioural change, benefit from Curve Group’s deep experience in this area. If managed poorly change can negatively impact performance and business continuity and where a critical (or sensitive) people initiative must hit the mark we can support an aggressive implementation schedule whilst bolstering your own team’s change and transformation capability.

Execution excellence is underpinned by:
  • Program Set Up
  • Change Management
  • Project Management

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Our Change team are change management & project management specialists with highly developed stakeholder and relationship management skills.

We know that sustainable behaviour change is only enabled by a whole system perspective so systemic thinking is signature for our Consultants.  With our highly collaborative approach that drives stakeholder engagement – you won’t feel like you’re working with consultants but just extra hands on your team.

It is important that business continuity and productivity is maintained whilst implementing change so our Consultants allow your teams to manage business as usual. At the same time you will notice increased capability of your in-house teams because of our learning transfer lens. Our goal is to do what’s needed to set you up for success, then exit. You get the benefits of our quick mobilisation and speed of implementation plus external insights and methodology to accelerate project maturity. This all adds up to successful project execution and benefit realisation.

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