The Curve team were proud to host the first Supernova breakfast last week, launching 2018 with a bang, tackling the topic of the future world of work and how it impacts our practices in supporting culture, people and change. A thought provoking topic that prompted a robust discussion with our 4 key panellists, Julie Kirk, Global Head of People – eNett, Andrew Jones, Co-Founder – G2 Innovation, Amanda Robertson, Director HR Projects – Monash University, and Shaun Keating, Chief Product Officer & Head of Australia & New Zealand – TrustSphere.

A great topic to get our minds moving on a dark Autumn Melbourne morning at ACMI, Federation Square for our 70+ audience.

Leading the discussion was Curve Group Founder & Director, Chris Nguyen who unpacked the multitude of research and insights to give us the 5 key mega trends we are seeing and hearing more and more of in workplaces around the world. They are:

Whilst these themes feel familiar, the emphasis of how these have evolved into our current practices, and our HR/Change readiness to implement meaningful change made for a vigorous group discussion for our audience.

Building on the conversation were our panellists and we were excited to open up our Curve Group version of Q&A with Chris as our pseudo Tony Jones. Responding to pointed questions on big data, where innovation fits, understanding the dynamic of “experience” and where Agile methodology fits beyond the technical. We were challenged to think about the “human experience” to all we do, to understand the importance of data whilst not feeling the need to respond or tackle all of it, and to keep it simple, channelling energy on shorter goalposts for success through test, validate, then scale.

Our thanks to our panellists for their insights and engaging conversation, not to mention our fabulous audience who brought so much energy to the morning’s session.

Look out for more news on our next event. If you are interested in finding out more about this topic or future topics, please reach out to us at

The Curve team.