Curve's Research Study- Predictors of Performance

Curve Group, together with the University of Ballarat, are embarking on an exciting research project aimed at uncovering the best predictor of performance – and we are seeking your involvement!

Predicting those employees most likely to be ‘high performers’ (able to move into, and contribute effectively, in increasingly complex and value adding roles) has received significant focus from organisations in the past decade, and underpins most talent management processes. At present, ‘Learning Agility’ (a learner’s adaptability and willingness to explore the unknown), is considered one of the most reliable predictive measures of performance. In this research we’re exploring some other elements that we think might be as (or even more) important then Learning Agility.

What does it involve?

We are interested in talking to managers and their team members to evaluate predictors of performance. For managers we will conduct a short interview (30-45 mins) and for team members we will send a short survey to fill out (10-15 minutes). All responses will be de-identified and will not shared with anyone. We will report on overall study outcomes in an executive summary (i.e. was a relationship between particular variables found), but absolute confidentiality of all participant and manager data is ensured.


Why should I participate?

To make this valuable for you and your team and to thank you for you time, Curve will facilitate an interactive (and free!) 2 hour development workshop on  the  underpinning concepts of the research for all those who take the time to participate. The workshop is aimed at skilling you and your team to improve your ability and capacity to learn.

To find out more and to get involved please contact Christie Granger directly on The survey and interviews will be scheduled before the end of October – so get in quick if you would like to take advantage of this development opportunity.

Stay tuned for the outcomes!

Once the data has been collected and analysed, we will be sharing our outcomes and insights. Stay tuned for further information about upcoming webinars and thought leadership articles!