Case study: The rise of the technical specialist

We have observed an increased interest in building the technical capability of people in order  to achieve strategic objectives.


Acknowledging the relative infancy of product management in Australia, coupled with the recognition of the criticality of the function in supporting the strategic direction of the enterprise, a large iconic Australian organisation realised a need to identify the technical competencies necessary for current and future success.

Having completed a process of job design and success profile development internally, Curve Group were engaged to build the technical competency framework for the product management function.


In our first phase of competency framework development, Curve Group undertook a thorough desktop review of  existing product management documentation e.g. go to market approach, functional actions and product expectations, as well as an external scan of best practice competency frameworks in the field. We then designed and facilitated a number of visionary and subject matter expert (SME) interviews. The key objective of these interviews was to support the development of competencies aligned to current and future enterprise needs.

Given that technical competency frameworks often require the extraction of implicit technical thinking, the interviews were structured to facilitate this process. Another key success factor was a need to compliment the core competencies relevant to multiple functions and the professional competencies applicable to all employees.

The final phase of the engagement involved building out the key competency concepts across proficiency levels ranging from foundation to expert, and ensuring a future focus.


Through a process of integrating desk top review and external scan data coupled with multiple validation points with SMEs, Curve Group developed a technical capability framework for Product Managers, ranging from cross functional management to product pricing and profitability. The competency framework is set to underpin future capability assessment and optimise the development of the product management function.

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