Aligning Leadership Effectiveness and Culture to Improve Business Performance

The Australian arm of a global workforce management technology provider were looking to better understand the leadership and culture levers which would help to positively shift a range of factors impacting business performance.


The Australian arm of a global workforce management technology provider were looking to reduce turnover of sales staff, improve infrastructure related to people and leadership practices, processes and capability, and ultimately improve business performance. The organisation sought to identify the culture and leadership levers which would drive these positive shifts.


Curve Group facilitated a workshop with the Executive Leadership Team to assist them in defining an aspired culture, anchored around the organisation’s performance needs. This involved identifying the behaviours and ways of working which would drive the right performance outcomes, and helping the LT to recognise the critical role they play as leaders in creating this desired culture. The outcomes of this day fed into a ‘culture blueprint’ – a document that defined the aspired culture and its business rationale and captured the tangible behaviours, symbols and systems representative of the desired state.

Curve Group deployed the Denison Organisational Culture Survey and the Leadership Development 360 Survey to assess the current state of the business and the systemic issues at the heart of the challenges facing the organisation. The intent of the diagnostics was to identify the strengths and development areas which require focus in order to achieve the desired culture and improve individual and organisational performance.

Curve Group conducted 360 degree feedback sessions with individual LT members to help them understand their personal leadership effectiveness data. A group culture results debrief session was held with the LT to share the organisational culture data, promote  acceptance of the ‘current state’, and start to consider priority areas of focus for improvement.


A comparison of the culture and leadership data enabled identification of common themes and intersections of strength and weakness between the LT effectiveness and organisational culture results. The culture blueprint defined by the LT helped to prioritise culture themes requiring attention. Curve Group made recommendations for addressing LT and organisational areas in need of improvement to feed into a Response Plan and Individual Leader Development Plans.


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