Agility and Culture, what does that even mean?!

Agility and Culture, what does that even mean?! Curve Group and the Change Management Institute are teaming up once more to bring you a different take on agility and culture.

On 31 May, from 5.45-7.30pm  at Cliftons on 440 Collins Street in Melbourne CBD, join Sarah Mallory, Chris Nguyen and many of your Change, People and Agile colleagues to put matters into perspective one year after the A/agile craze swept through Melbourne. 

Now that the dust has settled, where are we at? How are the latest practices influencing culture? Is there a real difference between Agile and agile? And most importantly, how can we better understand the natural tensions within our organisations when applying agile to serve our organisations better?

Both Chris and Sarah led the discussion last year around The Agile Organisation and are now ready to deepen the conversation on agilty and culture.

Using the Denison Model of Organisational Culture, lived experience and a healthy sense of humour, we’ll find out what good agility practices look like in the workplace. Bring your best ideas, sharpest observations and be ready to add them to the mix!

$30 for CMI-members, $60 for non-members; places are limited, so register here:

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