HR Excellence

Curve Group are thought leaders in the people space and work with organisations with the desire to invest in the evolution of the HR function’s strategy, effectiveness and / or capability in line with business needs. They help organisations develop the business links between the people function and strategic outcomes helping HR teams to model a commercial approach to its agenda and decision making and a strategic outlook to enable strategy execution.

HR Excellence is underpinned by:
  • People Strategy Formulation
  • HR Functional /Team Effectiveness
  • HR Capability Development

Service Overview

Our consultants understand the HR industry, having experienced it from the inside and outside of organisations. We understand the importance of HR teams being in step with the organisation’s strategy and true business partners who use their expertise to support and facilitate commercial, aligned business outcomes.

Engaging Curve Group will help make your great HR function excellent by:

  • Promoting a stronger contribution by the HR function to business performance
  • Greater alignment of HR’s agenda and priorities to the strategic objectives of the business through a great people strategy
  • Facilitating leader education and commitment to the HR agenda
  • Helping HR leaders to demonstrate a clear and commercial business narrative
  • Increasing ownership of people strategy by business leaders
  • Increasing resolve from HR to ‘stay the course’ and invest effort and resources on high impact issues
  • Developing the capacity to deliver critical, high-impact people initiatives by identifying clear trade-offs

Supernova Series

We also run the Supernova Breakfast Series. The Supernova Series offers HR professionals with an interest in culture, change and capability with the opportunity to learn and network with peers from a diverse range of industries and organisations.  Supernova sessions are 2 hours, every 2 months with limited numbers.

For More information about Supernova contact us or book a ticket on Eventbrite.

Supernova Sessions are:



We appreciate how challenging carving out time for professional development can be so we keep Supernova Sessions short, sharp and impactful.



We continually mix up the format so things stay interesting. Supernova Sessions may involve mini workshops, panel discussions, guest speakers and everything in between.



While we push the envelope in terms of the thinking underpinning each Supernova Session we also keep it real. We get that if you can’t use the ideas back on the job, they’re not useful.



Supernova Sessions are more than a meeting of minds. They’re a regular touchpoint for a community of practice passionate about learning and maximising the impact of the HR profession.

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