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We fundamentally believe that organisations are best placed to evolve and succeed when they connect people to strategy. We support this endeavour through the following four focus areas:

Forming a systemic and holistic understanding of business goals & issues facilitates long-lasting, high-performance organisational outcomes and provides a competitive advantage. Curve Group supports organisations that have identified that they need a strategic shift or business change requiring new or different ways of working, performance issues or incidents prompting a critical review of the business or new functions, teams or leaders requiring a clear plan to build the foundations for success.

Denison Performance Culture Diagnostics

Ultimately all business is about performance. Whether it’s quality, efficiency, community outcomes, sales, or safety – all leaders are driven by improving performance. We believe culture and leadership should have that same sharp focus. We help organisations align culture and leadership to strategy by using the Denison Organisational Culture Survey and Leadership Development tools.  Anchored in 25 years of hard nosed business and scientific research; the Denison tools truly connect culture and leadership to the bottom line.

Leadership and Learning

Continuous learning and deep capability continues to be vital to organisational performance. Curve Group works with organisations that understand that a changing business landscape requires new capabilities to be successful and remain competitive. The need for more or better capabilities is critical to strategy execution and where organisations have forecast activities that predict the need for future capabilities we can provide solutions that are not available in the market.

Curve Group are thought leaders in the people space and work with organisations with the desire to invest in the evolution of the HR function’s strategy, effectiveness and/or capability in line with business needs. They help organisations develop the business links between the people function and strategic outcomes helping HR teams to model a commercial approach to its agenda and decision making and a strategic outlook to enable strategy execution.

Change and Transformation

Our highly collaborative approach ensures that changes stick. Organisations with a transformation agenda or an important project that requires behavioural change, benefit from Curve Group’s deep experience in this area. If managed poorly change can negatively impact performance and business continuity and where a critical (or sensitive) people initiative must hit the mark we can support an aggressive implementation schedule whilst bolstering your own team’s change and transformation capability.

With many traditional learning approaches struggling to prevent change fatigue, we have developed Get Change Fit – a cutting edge blended learning solution combining face-to-face, online and mobile learning.

Get Change Fit draws on the latest thinking in positive organisational behaviour and psychology to enable employees to thrive (not merely survive) during periods of change.