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A clearly defined set of processes and methodologies underpins every Curve Group engagement. We group our twelve services under three headings; inform, create and activate. Whilst these services flow sequentially, an engagement may be comprised of any one or a combination of these services, delivered individually or as a coordinated program of activity.

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Clarify business challenge

Assess & develop

There are times in business when you need to supplement your own judgement around people and capability with objective and insightful assessment data.

We provide a broad range of assessments and related development actions when your primary goal is to make the best decisions around people and capability that support your business strategy.

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Functional review

We support businesses to review the effectiveness of their function to deliver the strategic outcomes intended. Functional performance requires all aspects of your business to be effective, so we adopt a holistic approach to reviewing it. And we don’t just tell you what’s wrong, we spend the majority of our time working with you to plan and implement your success story.

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Strategic facilitation

Bringing your team or entire function together is an opportunity to make a significant impact. Make sure you do!

Whether it’s for 10 people or 100, we regularly facilitate workshops and ‘off-sites’, allowing our clients to improve in key performance areas such as strategy, innovation, business planning and team effectiveness.

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Workforce planning

Understanding the talent needed to deliver future strategy is a critical boardroom conversation that puts people at the heart of business performance. Declining labour pools, an ageing workforce and a business environment that requires new capabilities to remain competitive, are just some of the issues that are challenging leaders to adopt a more disciplined approach to workforce planning.

Using an established methodology, we work with clients to model future workforce needs to inform commercial decision making about the talent solutions needed to deliver strategy at least cost and risk.

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Connect people to strategy

Organisation design

Attempts to improve performance through structural change are common. Real outcomes aren’t. Too often the approach to organisation design stop after names have been written in boxes.

Organisation aren’t designed through structure alone. We work with you to design and implement functions that work on paper and in practice.

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People strategy

Developing a people strategy used to be considered peripheral to core business – now it’s part of the main game.

Put simply, we help HR to align its agenda and priorities to the strategic objectives of the business through a great people strategy.  This process seeks to apply a commercial decision making lens to ensure you achieved most impact with your limited resources and time. Importantly, this work is designed to facilitate leader education and commitment to the HR agenda.

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Performance culture

“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” describes the well-worn path of great strategy never seeing the light of day due to misaligned organisational culture. Every organisation has a culture, but not every organisation takes the time to choose the culture that will enable great performance.

Informed by our business psychology and organisational effectiveness capabilities, we review the culture of a business with respect to its alignment with business strategy.

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Talent & capability

Why do organisations succeed or fail? Ultimately it all boils down to whether the organisation has the talent and capability to make the right investment decisions, to innovate, to manage human capital and to successfully execute the business strategy.

We help organisations to attract, develop, deploy and retain the people critical to creating value for your business through the design of overarching talent strategies, tailored capability frameworks, learning and development programs and processes throughout the talent lifecycle.

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Make it happen

Change management

Workplace change to improve performance is common.  Less common is the successful alignment of people to the change and realisation of strategic goals. We believe that to engage people so that change is successful, careful change management practices and leadership must be applied.

We use change management tools and techniques proven in practice to make change stick, helping organisations realise the positive impact of strategic change initiatives, restructures, mergers and major projects. We provide change management project resources, run workshops to build leadership skills to lead others through change and help affected staff navigate effectively through change.

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Program set up

Great organisations know that it’s not the best strategy that creates competitive advantage, it’s the best strategic implementation that sets you apart. This means putting as much emphasis and thought into the planning and set up of important people strategies as is spent deciding ‘which strategy.’

We help our clients transform ideas and commitments into tangible, controlled programs of work that lead to bankable outcomes.

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Team effectiveness

A champion team will always beat a team of champions. It’s an adage in sport but in the workplace team effectiveness is only beginning to get the focus it deserves. Like Dave Ulrich, we believe that ‘teams constitute the real units of performance not individuals’, and focusing on this can yield true competitive advantage.

Sustainable team effectiveness requires a balance between ‘hard’ (process, structure, roles, capability) and ‘soft’ (values, norms, behaviours) performance drivers.

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Project management

Knowing what to do is one thing, getting it done is another! Execution can pose challenges for many reasons including lack of relevant capability, capacity or a culture where thinking and discussion come naturally, but changing gear to implement is more difficult.

We can provide support in a variety of different ways, from when you simply need an extra pair of hands, to disciplined project management skills and expertise. Support can come in different shapes and sizes – full time, part time or simply consulting advice. Core to each of these options is our blend of subject matter expertise (thinking) with the disciplines of execution (doing)!

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