Culture Survey

The Denison Organisational Culture Survey (DOCS) is one of the few truly performance based culture diagnostics. Used by more than 5,000 companies worldwide and based on well over 25 years of research, Denison is used by companies who are serious about connecting culture and leadership to business strategy. Some of the companies who choose Denison include NASA, Levi Strauss, IBM, IKEA, Shell and Target.

The Survey

The DOCS is designed to assess an organisation’s strengths and weaknesses as they apply to organisational performance. The survey has 60 items that measure specific aspects of an organisation’s culture known to key business metrics including; Quality, Sales, Customer Satisfaction, Profitability and Employee Engagement.

The Denison framework and related diagnostic provides a framework that helps leaders understand how organisations work. It is built on a model of strategy execution; as opposed to other tools in the market that are overly humanistic and psychologically based which can minimise culture to the realms of ‘soft and fluffy’ instead of ‘strategic enabler’. In doing so the Denison helps leaders easily connect the people story with the business agenda; fundamental to driving real, leader led change. The model and diagnostic is easily tailored to suit particular needs and language of your business.


Denison compares your organization’s raw survey data to our global database of over 1,000 organizations (from multiple industries, regions and sectors) and tabulate a graphical profile that conveys the results in the form of percentile scores. This method enables you to benchmark your culture scores against other higher and lower-performing organizations worldwide.

Curve's Approach

Key to our approach is making culture a business issue. This requires that we engage leaders early on in the direct impact it has on performance.

Some key methodology steps include:

•  Culture Blueprinting: An Initial strategic dialogue with leaders, using Denison as a anchor point is critical to clarify; ‘What does our culture need to look like to deliver our strategy?’

•  Current state assessment: Administer the Denison culture diagnostic to assess current state and to guide prioritisation of

critical work needed to close the gap

•  Action planning: The survey simply provides data. Creating real change requires action. Once the data is in we work closely with your executive team and organisation more broadly to  begin planning and implementing change for change.

•  Monitoring progress: We usually administer a shorter ‘pulse check’ version of the survey 6-12 months after the initial survey to monitor progress in critical areas to support recalibration and recommitment.

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